Masters by Research – (Studio Critique) 1999

1 July 1999

Abini – A Dream

This condensed body of work titled Abini, realizes two complex value systems, both indisputable. Hearing stories of inter generational trauma, a soft sculpture model was reproduced directly from a dream in which a doll appeared; Abini. In the dream, the doll’s head appeared larger with a small animate pig’s nose attached to the face. On the model, the pig’s nose is fashioned from clay, fastened with elastic, dressed in a sombre blue prison-style dress, plain, ill-fitting with white frilly anklet socks. Long underpants with small green flowers sit just above the red and blue imperialist knitted cuff (ed) socks. Fastened on the feet are slippers formed from Kangaroo hide, assembled with Kangaroo heads and stiff ears, resembling the Peace symbol.