AoMO 2022

Art As Activism

The Art of Management and Organization (AoMO) ART AS ACTIVISM Liverpool Conference 2022

Contribution for Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR)

The AoMO conference ART AS ACTIVISM 2022, held at University of Liverpool, offered an extension to the TIHR residency also marking the final section of the cultural exchange UK/AU Season 2021-22 program. The residency project Pilgrimage to Imago focused on the Institute’s archives at Wellcome Library and incorporated 26 stages of development (Journey to the mother/’self’/fly).

For the conference an experimental work (and starting point), Soft Bodies, (completed in Australia) presented ideas on A Primordial Mother in early stages of formation, enabling a visual re-imagining of symbolic genetic indices through pattern, colour and form. Alongside the layers of meaning within the mother project, reference to the Foundling Hospital’s Ballot system of 1742 was also embedded as well as stage 5/26, a text based work titled Maureen, developed as a semi-performative work.