Australian Tapestry Workshop

Residency October – November

Artists in Residence 18 Exhibition: Alterfact, (Ben landau & Lucile Sciallano), Chloe Bensahel (France), Carolyn Cardinet, Rute Chaves (Germany), Martina Copley, Sai-Wai Foo, Anne Graham (NSW), Bronwyn Hack, Melanie Irwin, Simone Kennedy (SA), Brit Salt, Siying Zhou.

During a long and rewarding residency at the Australian Tapestry Workshop I produced a small body of work utilizing the facilities and delighting in the vast palette of coloured wool on offer. I luxuriated in plenty of unstructured time and spent real time within the impressive historic building, welcoming the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with an extraordinary group of talented artists and people. The generous spirit of the workshop filtered through to the everyday experiences of spending time in Melbourne, predominantly visiting galleries, and inspiring new ideas. My interest in the common housefly as a perfect form and metaphor to evolve the subject of ‘Mother/fly/’self’, enabled me to transition my ideas and perceptions, intellectually and emotionally over the residency period and I discovered that time spent making in such a rich environment fortuitously endowed the project’s strength, introducing balance and meaning, continuing my ongoing concept of ‘mothering the self’.