Meet Simone

Simone Kennedy is an inter-disciplinary artist who combines painting and soft sculpture as her primary media. During her master’s research she worked with concepts exploring childhood, adolescence, the developing brain, and in particular the symbolic pattern making that emerges from an autobiographical narrative. Working with various ideas on attachment theories, she developed a particular interest in the psychology of the mother/infant inter-subjective relationship. This set the foundation of her PhD (by studio) at the University of South Australia where she explored the ‘self’ through re-imagining a symbolic mother figure.

“I am deeply interested in the human condition and the way people negotiate the world. I interpret the personal, psychological, cultural and social perspective of human behaviour through symbolic association, making art and reflecting themes that are not easily discussed. Through these ideas I offer painting, soft sculptural based works, installation and an ongoing series of ‘26’ alphabetized small literary works (A Paper Woman Dream Series) which explore poetry, thoughts and dreams, imagined as a linking surreal narrative that will unfold across an extended period of discrete exhibitions”.