Half Light

In day light there is truth, in half light there is memory.

Barr Smith Library, Arts & Heritage Collection, University of Adelaide

SALA Festival (Formerly SALA Week)

31 July – 30 August 2009

Exhibition opened by: Andrew Durham, Director of Artlab Australia

Half light is something we see and then it lingers, falls short of what we want it to be. It is always something else, never firm or true, only half of these things and always only ever that. This body of work is a memorial to my father, evoking a memory of our first and last time together. My father, a tailor loved all forms of textiles, I remember plaid, understated lines buried and overlapping. I remember he owned the popular car of the time, the Morris Minor. I remember the wood grain on the dashboard, the fawn colour interior and the unique mint green of the exterior, complete with wooden trim.