Adelaide College of the Arts 2003

(Formerly Light Square Gallery AIT Arts)

The Absent Mother

30 July – 11 September 2003

Exhibition opened by Professor Kay Lawrence, Head of the South Australian School of Art.

“A single line positioned across a beautiful space, a perfect landscape, vast, empty and mine”.

The mother figure has become the principal element underpinning almost every artefact that embodies my practice, which now belongs to a broader concern, that of the ‘self’ in relation to an absent mother. What constitutes absence? An ‘absent’ mother is and continues to be a challenging statement. This exhibition/installation attempts to evoke reflections on these concerns. The central element, a quilted brain form conveys the initial reconstruction of the memory of an absent mother as manifest, whilst the development of the individual is defined through a series of drawings, layered with symbols that bring into play an imagined landscape of uncertainty and isolation.

64 page flip book The Absent Mother, 8 x 5 cm, Limited Edition 1000, (Animated feature forthcoming)