Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF)


PhD Research Project (by Studio)

Twenty Six Mothers

8 July – 6 August 2011

Exhibition artists: Anne Scott Wilson, Sandra Uray-Kennett and Simone Kennedy

Twenty six photographs of mother and daughter (a singular image repeated 26 times) are developed as a composite of forms through collage.


Adorned with collaged symbols positioned in each image as a narrative, the mother represents a symbolic imagined state of being. Each alteration is extended, leading to the bifurcation of the mother. The symbols reflect true and felt effects of lived experience, of poignant behaviours conveyed by the mother and subsequently transferred to daughter, (taken from the perspective of the daughter).


The pram embodies the daughter’s ‘spirit’ and is further embellished with collaged symbols each revealing a condensed narrative of sub plots. The ‘curious slug’, the playful moths, the seed ‘indicator’ marking time, the black rectangular form enforcing silence, the ‘liberation’ of a monkey propped on a sea urchin of desire rocks and rises, falling and soaring finally revealing a white form, (a remnant witch) exposing the protagonist.

At the fulcrum of the mother’s image the daughter is adorned with the collaged symbols and steadily accumulates thirteen more ending with twenty six elements that form embedded components of her identity.

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