GAG Projects 2006

(Formerly Greenaway Art Gallery)

White Weld

30 August – 22 September 2006

The yellow composite interiors in the White Weld paintings reflect on specific childhood experiences within a formidable architectural space and experiment with an important element, vital to my work; my psychological response to colour.

Home Alone

White Weld and Home Alone with Mr Nobody highlights my perception of my childhood environment through re-imagining the visceral and emotional atmosphere of my experiences with colour. I bathed in the warm embryonic wash of the yellow school walls and observed my mother change the wall and ceiling colours in our flat, from white to deep Viridian green. By contrast, I travelled on the London underground and reveled in the sense of confinement within the sealed space of the train, experiencing the attenuated sense of space between the glass of the carriage and the tunnel brickwork, at times interspersed with the drama of complete darkness.

A reversal of the image informs an alternate experience, accentuating the memory of a point in time.